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Variant termination of first and second jejunal veins into a “pancreatic portal vein”

  • Satheesha B. NayakEmail author
Anatomic Variations


Jejunal veins usually terminate into the superior mesenteric vein. Here, an unusual termination of first and second jejunal veins into a pancreatic portal vein has been presented. The common vein formed by the first and second jejunal veins could be named as pancreatic portal vein because it divided into two branches in front of the third part of the duodenum and these two branches entered the head of the pancreas and further divided into smaller branches before anastomosing with the tributaries of pancreatico-duodenal veins. The knowledge of this rare vein could be useful to radiologists and surgeons.


Jejunal vein Superior mesenteric vein Portal vein Pancreatico-duodenal Pancreatic surgery 


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Protocol/project development: Nayak. Data collection or management: Nayak. Data analysis: Nayak. Manuscript writing/editing: Nayak.

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  1. 1.Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus), Manipal Academy of Higher EducationManipal UniversityManipalIndia

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