Intraabdominal Hemorrhage from Ruptured Ectopic Varices Treated by Antegrade Embolization via a Recanalized Paraumbilical Vein

  • Genki FukumotoEmail author
  • Hiroyuki Kimura
  • Mitsunori Kanagaki
  • Shojiro Oka
  • Hiroki Tanaka
  • Yang Wang
  • Hiroaki Tanaka
  • Yuki Yamauchi
  • Toshiyuki Kimura
Case Report


A 49-year-old man with alcoholic liver cirrhosis was admitted to our hospital with abdominal pain. Contrast-enhanced CT demonstrated massive hemorrhagic ascites and ectopic varices fed by right colic and ileocolic veins. The varices were treated with selective embolization via a recanalized paraumbilical vein using N-butyl cyanoacrylate. Currently, no complications and rebleeding have occurred for 7 months. Antegrade embolization via a recanalized paraumbilical vein is feasible and less-invasive in a patient with massive ascites. Flow reduction may be effective for intraabdominal hemorrhage from ruptured ectopic varices.

Level of Evidence

Level 5, case report.


Intraabdominal hemorrhage Ectopic varices Embolization Paraumbilical vein N-Butyl cyanoacrylate 


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  1. 1.Department of Diagnostic RadiologyHyogo Prefectural Amagasaki General Medical CenterAmagasakiJapan
  2. 2.Department of Gastroenterology and HepatologyHyogo Prefectural Amagasaki General Medical CenterAmagasakiJapan

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