New Technique for Rectal Division in Laparoscopic Anterior Resection—with Video



A new technique for performing laparoscopic anterior resection is described. Main differences from the standard technique are (1) pneumoperitoneum to improve exposure of the rectum, even in a narrow pelvis; (2) rectal division performed using a conventional linear stapler inserted via a 4.5 cm suprapubic incision; and (3) eversion of the rectum for tumors close to the anal verge, with transection performed under direct vision.


Results in 78 patients who underwent transabdominal transection and in 7 patients requiring rectal eversion were compared retrospectively with those in 61 consecutive patients who had undergone standard laparoscopic resection.


The duration of the operation and estimated blood loss were greater with rectal eversion, and more staple cartridges were used for the conventional technique; however, the incidence of complications was similar for all three groups. Five patients in the conventional group required conversion to an open procedure.


The new technique should improve the safety of resection.

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