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Trauma on a Recently Augmented Breast as a Trigger for Mondor’s Disease

  • Yordan P. YordanovEmail author
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Mondor’s disease is the eponym used to describe a self-limited phlebitis or thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins localized mainly on the thoracoabdominal area of the human body. Its clinical manifestation includes painful superficial cords causing skin retraction. This medical condition could be idiopathic, iatrogenic or a manifestation of underlying pathology such as breast cancer and seems to be more common than has been previously thought. The vast majority of the clinical studies and case reports to date focus on Mondor’s disease as a disorder which is more or less directly related to a previous surgical intervention. In this case report, the author discusses the possible role of breast surgery as a predisposing factor only and the trauma on the operated breast as a trigger for onset and earlier manifestation of Mondor’s disease. A special emphasis is put on the importance of trauma prevention in breast augmentation surgery, especially when maneuvers like postoperative massages are considered.

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