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Can Aesthetic Surgeons Be True Artists?

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Aesthetics: In the sphere of plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetics depicts the harmonious blending of beauty (visage), grace (movement) and serenity (feeling). These elements exist in a person, either by birth or by design, and are both recognized and appreciated by his or her contemporaries.

Since the glorious days of the Renaissance, great portrait artists of canvas and marble have created their most memorable works using live models or the subjects themselves to pose for them. Ironically, these living models and subjects pose as still life objects so the artists can observe and capture their distinctive features, nuanced expressions, hints of action, tissue textures, and colors, thus producing timeless likenesses of the subjects.

To lend fidelity to their works, many great artists study human anatomy and aesthetics. Many great works of art are painstakingly preserved and reproduced for the emulation of art students and the enjoyment of art lovers. Others are venerated as...


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