Comment on: Patient-related outcomes after proximal tibial fractures

  • Ashwani SoniEmail author
  • Rajeev Kansay
Letter to the Editor
We read with interest the article ‘Patient-related outcomes after proximal tibial fractures’ by Wenger D et al. [1]. We appreciate the efforts put by authors but we have some concerns regarding the study:
  1. 1.

    The authors found no differences in short musculoskeletal function assessment (SMFA) indices between surgically and non-surgically treated patients. The authors also stated that there was no difference between characteristics of surgically and non-surgically treated patients. However, it was not clear whether these two groups of patients, that is surgically and non-surgically treated patients, were comparable in terms of fracture pattern or not. If they are not comparable in terms of fracture pattern, it is not right to compare them for SMFA indices (group matching).

  2. 2.

    The authors classified the fractures according to AO classification system but it was not clear which classification system was used during the treatment process and what were the criteria used to decide whether surgical or non-surgical treatment is required. A simple fracture of posterior-medial condyle is a shear fracture and fixation is a must according to CT-based classification system [2, 3] while it falls under a simple type of fracture according to AO classification system.




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