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Orthopaedic publications from Egypt in the last five years: a bibliometric report

  • Hatem G. Said
  • Mohamed Abd El-RadiEmail author
  • Mohamed Y. Hassanein
  • Galal Z. Said
Original Paper



This review was done to find the trend for orthopaedic publications from Egypt in the last 5 years, detailing the specialties that are most published and comparing this with the surrounding Middle East region.


The search included orthopaedic-related articles published in journals that are listed in PubMed, including author affiliation from Egypt between 2013 and 2017.


Four hundred eighty-one publications were found. The results showed that Trauma was the highest published branch while Arthroscopy has shown the highest increase since 2013 to become as Trauma by 2017. Two hundred seventy-two articles were published in Q1 and Q2 journals which represents 56.54% from the total publications. There were 1243 citations for these publications. The country ranking was between the fourth and fifth in Middle East region over the last five years.


Publications are an important part of each country’s research work. The trend for orthopaedic publication is showing an increase in subspecialty publications with a gradual increase in number of publications per year, while Egypt’s position remains in the top five in the region.


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  • Mohamed Abd El-Radi
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  • Mohamed Y. Hassanein
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