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Thoracic disc herniation, avoidance, and management of the surgical complications

  • William A. Robinson
  • Ahmad N. Nassr
  • Arjun S. SebastianEmail author
Review Article


Thoracic disc herniations are a relatively rare occurrence compared to disc herniations in the cervical or lumbar spine. Surgical management of these thoracic herniations can be technically difficult with a wide array of reported complications. In this study, we aim to describe the most common complications that can occur during or after surgical management of thoracic disc herniations. Furthermore, we describe tips and tricks for avoidance and, if necessary, management of surgical complications. Common complications addressed in this review include vertebral column instability, neurologic injury, cerebrospinal fluid leak/pleural fistula, thoracic viscera injury, wrong level surgery, incomplete disk resection, and intercostal neuralgia.


Thoracic disc herniation Complications Avoidance of complications Management of complications Thoracic spine surgery 


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  • Ahmad N. Nassr
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  • Arjun S. Sebastian
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