Abdominal Radiology

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SAR GI Bleeding DFP Annual Report

SAR DFP Report


Chair: Jeff Fidler, Mayo Clinic

Co-Chair: Jorge Soto, Boston University

Mahmoud Al-Hawary, University of Michigan

Brian Allen, Duke University

Olga Brook, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Mike Gee, Massachusetts General Hospital

David Grand, Brown University

Flavius Guglielmo, Thomas Jefferson University

Avneesh Gupta, Boston University

Martin Gunn, University of Washington

Ashish Khandelwal; Mayo Clinic

Vijay Ramalingam; Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Farnoosh Sokhandon, Beaumont Health

Mike Wells, Mayo Clinic

SAR International Members

Seong Ho Park, Asan Medical Center, South Korea

Alvaro Huete, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Consultants (non-radiology)

Lisa Strate, University of Washington

David Bruining, Mayo Clinic

Look back

The GI Bleeding DFP was formed in 2017. The panel is comprised of a diverse group of academic radiologists from institutions across the United States, as well as two international members. The diagnostic and interventional/therapeutic aspects...



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