Acquired diverticular disease of the jejunum and ileum: imaging features and pitfalls

  • P. LebertEmail author
  • O. Ernst
  • M. Zins



To present radiological aspects of jejunoileal diverticulosis and its complications.


Jejunoileal diverticulosis is a relatively rare and underestimated condition, which mostly affects the elderly. It is frequently asymptomatic but it can lead to significant complications requiring surgical treatment. Jejunoileal diverticulosis is far less common than colonic diverticulosis. Acquired small bowel diverticula are often numerous but the complication rate is low. Acute diverticulitis is the most frequent complication; its classic presentation involves the jejunum and is often non-severe. Diverticular hemorrhage is the second most common complication; CT scan examination is essential to determine the accurate topography of the pathological diverticula. Small bowel obstruction can occur through several mechanisms: adhesions, enterolith, and intussusception. Extra-intestinal gas without perforation and “pseudo-ischemic” appearance are non-pathological conditions that are important to diagnose in order to avoid surgery.


Jejunoileal diverticulosis usually does not show any symptoms but can lead to diagnostic challenges requiring evaluation by CT. CT scan signs of these complications and some pitfalls must be known.


Bowel obstruction Computed tomography Diverticula Diverticular hemorrhage Diverticulitis Small bowel 



We thank Dr. Paul Borde, Dr. Antonin Lereuil, Dr. Chritophe Leroy and Dr. Arturo Ze Roberto for their assistance with this study.


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