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“Bunch of grapes” in complete hydatidiform mole

  • Eduardo Kaiser Ururahy Nunes FonsecaEmail author
  • Marina Athaniel Silva Rodrigues
  • Fernando Ide Yamauchi
  • Ronaldo Hueb Baroni
Classics in Abdominal Imaging


Complete hydatidiform mole is a common cause of gestational bleeding of the first trimester, commonly assessed by ultrasound. It represents an abnormal proliferation of trophoblastic tissue, with no fetal formation, just hydropic villi. These abnormal villi seen in ultrasound are compared to a “bunch of grapes,” a classic description of this disease.


Hydatidiform mole Gestational trophoblastic disease Ultrasound Magnetic resonance imaging Chorionic villi 


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  1. 1.Imaging DepartmentHospital Israelita Albert EinsteinSão PauloBrazil

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