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EJNMMI had a terrific improvement in the last few years, in line with the development of the EANM. Clinical applications of nuclear medicine techniques have become more successful than ever in the last few years. This process drove the increased interest in clinical and pre-clinical uses of radiopharmaceuticals, for diagnostics and therapeutic uses.

At the same time, the growth of the EANM family of journals confirmed that the interest in our discipline is growing and nuclear medicine is now leading the research and clinical activities of related specialties. We can say that nuclear medicine sits at the center in many medical fields. A successful journal cannot exist without a successful specialty. Those who are making nuclear medicine great are working in their departments and laboratories, sharing their successes, and failings, with the medical community. They are using scientific journals as the most important tool for the distribution of their knowledge. Those who write papers are those who appraise papers, and this is the well-known process of peer review. Although not perfect, we know it is the best tool we can use. Some of those who take part in the peer review process are called to make an extra effort and become members of the Editorial Board. EJNMMI benefited from its excellent Editorial Board, which supported the Editor in Chief and gave a valuable contribution to the growth of scientific standing and the reputation of our journal. Every journal is a living organism, and the editorial board is an essential part. Therefore, it has to evolve and change with time, to allow new members to give their contributions. Those leaving the Editorial Board of the EJNMMI are members of the team that made this journal great.

The Editorial Board will continue to evolve, to stay dynamic and efficient. This is needed for the continuous success of the EJNMMI, and the other EANM journals.

Let me close this letter with a great “Thank you!” to the past members of the EJNMMI Editorial Board.

Arturo Chiti

Editor in Chief, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Humanitas University and Humanitas Research Centre, Milan, Italy


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