Correction to: Metagenomic approaches: effective tools for monitoring the structure and functionality of microbiomes in anaerobic digestion systems

  • Annerys Carabeo-Pérez
  • Gilda Guerra-Rivera
  • Miguel Ramos-Leal
  • Janet Jiménez-HernándezEmail author

Correction to: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

The original version of this article was revised: After publication of this article, the publisher was notified that Michael Klocke was removed from the authors list. Based on his own wish and in agreement with all co-author the full list of authors has now been updated as follows:

Annerys Carabeo-Pérez, Gilda Guerra-Rivera, Miguel Ramos-Leal, Janet Jiménez-Hernández

The original article has been corrected.


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  1. 1.Centro de Estudios de Energía y Procesos IndustrialesUniversidad de Sancti Spíritus “José Martí Pérez”Sancti SpíritusCuba
  2. 2.Facultad de BiologíaUniversidad de La HabanaHavanaCuba
  3. 3.Instituto de Investigaciones de Fruticultura TropicalHavanaCuba

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