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Acyl-coenzyme A:(holo-acyl carrier protein) transacylase enzymes as templates for engineering

  • Aaron M. Marcella
  • Adam W. BarbEmail author


This review will cover the structure, enzymology, and related aspects that are important for structure-based engineering of the transacylase enzymes from fatty acid biosynthesis and polyketide synthesis. Furthermore, this review will focus on in vitro characteristics and not cover engineering of the upstream or downstream reactions or strategies to manipulate metabolic flux in vivo. The malonyl-coenzyme A(CoA)-holo-acyl-carrier protein (holo-ACP) transacylase (FabD) from Escherichia coli serves as a model for this enzyme with thorough descriptions of structure, enzyme mechanism, and effects of mutation on substrate binding presented in the literature. Here, we discuss multiple practical and theoretical considerations regarding engineering transacylase enzymes to accept non-cognate substrates and form novel acyl-ACPs for downstream reactions.


Acyl-coenzyme A:(holo-acyl carrier protein) Transacylase enzymes Escherichia coli FabD 



This study was funded by the National Science Foundation (EEC-0813570).

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