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Correction to: Remarks on Hierarchic Control for a Linearized Micropolar Fluids System in Moving Domains

  • Isaías Pereira de JesusEmail author

1 Correction to: Appl Math Optim (2015) 72:493–521

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in the equation.

On page 516, Equation there should be
$$\begin{aligned}&\inf _{({\varvec{\xi }}, \eta )}\Bigg \{\frac{1}{2}\int _{\mathcal {O} \times (0,T)}|\det K(t)|\big (|{\varvec{\varphi }}|^2 + |\psi |^2\big )dydt + \epsilon ||({\varvec{\xi }},\eta )||_{\mathbf {L}^2(\Omega ) \times L^2(\Omega )}\nonumber \\&\quad \quad \quad \quad \, - \big (({\varvec{\xi }},\eta ),({\varvec{z}}^T,w^T)\big )_{\mathbf {L}^2(\Omega ) \times L^2(\Omega )}\Bigg \} \end{aligned}$$
instead of
$$\begin{aligned}&7 \inf _{({\varvec{\xi }}, \eta )}\Bigg \{\frac{1}{2}\int _{\mathcal {O} \times (0,T)}|\det K(t)|\big (|{\varvec{\varphi }}|^2 + |\psi |^2\big )dydt + \epsilon ||({\varvec{\xi }},\eta )||_{\mathbf {L}^2(\Omega ) \times L^2(\Omega )}\nonumber \\&\quad \quad \quad \quad \quad - \big (({\varvec{\xi }},\eta ),({\varvec{z}}^T,w^T)\big )_{\mathbf {L}^2(\Omega ) \times L^2(\Omega )}\Bigg \} \end{aligned}$$

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