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Modified earlobe reconstruction technique following wide local excision of melanoma that facilitates sentinel lymph node biopsy

  • Metin NizamogluEmail author
  • Charles Loh
  • Alethea Tan
  • Mohamed Fahmy Ibrahim
  • Nabil Mopuri
  • Naguib El-Muttardi
Ideas and Innovations


The earlobe represents an important element in the aesthetic appearance of the entire ear. Reconstruction of the earlobe is challenging. The authors present a reconstructive option following wide excision of melanoma of the earlobe that facilitates sentinel lymph node biopsy from the neck without further incision. We report satisfactory results obtained using this technique for immediate earlobe reconstruction. We present two cases of malignant melanoma of the earlobe. Both cases were treated with a 1-cm wide local excision of melanoma scar of the ear lobe and reconstruction with double opposing local transposition flaps and sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) of the neck via the skin flap incisions without further need for incision extension. This is a technique for earlobe reconstruction that provides satisfactory results that can be performed in a single stage procedure simultaneously allowing access for sentinel lymph node biopsy from the cervical, pre- and post-auricular lymph node basins. We feel this technique is an option to be considered when treating melanoma of the earlobe requiring SLNB.

Level of Evidence: Level V, therapeutic study.


Melanoma Earlobe reconstruction Sentinel lymph node biopsy 



The authors declare that they did not receive any funding for this work.

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Metin Nizamoglu, Charles Loh, Alethea Tan, Mohamed Fahmy Ibrahim, Nabil Mopuri, Naguib El-Muttardi declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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For this kind of study formal consent is not required.

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The patients have given full consent to participate in this study and for use of their photographs for publication.


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  1. 1.St Andrew’s Centre for Plastic Surgery and BurnsChelmsfordUK

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