Improving financial efficiency in nailbed repair and minor hand procedures utilising a fenestrated drape and a minor plastics set—a cost analysis of different practices

  • Guirgis A. AwadEmail author
  • Robert A. Pearl
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Nailbed and fingertip injuries are very common in the hand trauma setting [1]. Simple injuries could be treated conservatively, but if complex injuries are not treated adequately, the patient could experience long-term tenderness, pain, stiffness, sensory problems, deformity in the nail, soft tissue irregularities, and decreased grip strength [2].

In our unit, repair of paediatric and complex adults’ fingertip and nailbed injuries are performed in the operating room (theatres). The type of anaesthesia varies according to the age group (GA, LA/sedation or LA). The common practice for the scrub nurses was to utilise a hand drape and to open a minor plastics set *(traditional setup) for such procedures. We started utilising a simple draping technique utilising a fenestrated drape as well as a small LOPA set **(simple setup) for these procedures; as in our opinion, these are all what is required for such procedures. We implemented this new simple setup, performed a cost analysis of the two...



Mr. Mark Savage (list of patients and HRG codes). Ms. Liz Gladdings (costs of consumables). Ms. Nancy Cross (volunteered for photos demonstration). Medical illustration team at QVH.

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  1. 1.Plastic Surgery DepartmentSouthmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS TrustBristolUK
  2. 2.Plastic Surgery DepartmentQueen Victoria Hospital NHS F TrustEast GrinsteadUK

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