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Reversed radial forearm flap: an ad hoc flap for hand reconstruction

  • Ahmed Hassan El-SabbaghEmail author
  • Ahmed Abd El-Moaty Zeina
  • Ahmed Abd El-Gleil Khalil
  • Hossam El-Dein Ismail
  • Loai El-Sayed El-Bassiony
  • Al-Moddather Mohamed El-Hadidy
  • Ahmed Bahaa El-Din


Complex wounds of the hand and vital structures are important to reconstruct. They should be covered as soon as possible in order to maintain the function of the hand. The reversed radial forearm flap is a versatile option for hand reconstruction. Reversed radial forearm flaps were harvested in 15 cases. Doppler ultrasound was used in all cases to evaluate the vascular status of the flap. No complications were observed in this series. All skin grafts healed well. The reversed radial forearm flap is a workhorse tool for the coverage of the hand.


Reversed radial forearm flap Dorsum of hand Palm of hand Thumb 

Supplementary material

Movie 1

Movement of the burnt hand after coverage of the burnt dorsum with reversed radial forearm flap (AVI 15,340 kb)


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  • Ahmed Hassan El-Sabbagh
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    Email author
  • Ahmed Abd El-Moaty Zeina
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  • Ahmed Abd El-Gleil Khalil
    • 1
  • Hossam El-Dein Ismail
    • 1
  • Loai El-Sayed El-Bassiony
    • 1
  • Al-Moddather Mohamed El-Hadidy
    • 1
  • Ahmed Bahaa El-Din
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  1. 1.Mansoura University HospitalMansouraEgypt

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