Heat and Mass Transfer

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Special issue of the 3rd Iranian conference on heat & mass transfer

  • Andrea Luke

This special issue is dedicated to the 3rd Iranian Conference on Heat and Mass Transfer held in Babol, Iran in November 2017. The conference demonstrated the strong community of researchers in heat and mass transfer in Iran. This special issue follows the special issues related to other international conferences such as those held in 2016 in Poland (EUROTHERM) and in Korea (18th IHPC & 12th IHPS) to provide a summary of current fields in research and application.

The 3rd Iranian Conference on Heat and Mass Transfer was hosted by the Babol Noshirvani University of Technology. The goal of this conference was to provide a forum for the exposure and the exchange of scientific ideas, methods and research results through lectures, oral sessions and poster sessions. More than 300 contributions from 15 different countries were registered and peer-reviewed prior to the conference.

The formal and informal sessions, poster sessions and come-togethers included a large variety of topics, such as: applications in combustion and air conditioning, fundamentals in natural convection, heat transfer in porous media, and theoretical and experimental works in forced convection in tubes or channels with and without inserts. In addition to these traditional topics of heat transfer, new emerging and frontier areas have been presented such as the effect of electrical fields on mass transfer and the exergoeconomic optimization of gas liquification processes.

The 18 papers published in this special issue have been recommended by the conference scientific committee and were preselected by the conference chair, Prof. Mostafa Safdari Shadloo (Normandy University, Rouen, France). The authors were asked to extend their papers. All manuscripts were also subjects to our standard journal peer-review process in addition to the review already performed by the conference scientific committee. These papers reflect a very good spectrum of the topics of current interest in Heat and Mass Transfer.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the guest editorial. Finally, I would like to express special thanks to the authors for their contributions to this special issue, and the reviewers of the manuscripts for their invaluable input, responsiveness and for making the publication of this special issue possible.

Andrea Luke, Editor-in-Chief, Heat and Mass Transfer, June 2019.


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