Heat transfer by satellite cluster of cylinders at subcritical Reynolds number

  • S. K. DhimanEmail author
  • Arbind Kumar
  • J. K. Prasad


2D unsteady computations were conducted in Fluent for differently configured cluster of cylinders at constant-heat-flux wall condition subjected to transverse air-flow at subcritical Reynolds number of 3.5 × 104. The investigation aimed to observe the performance of satellite arrangement of nine clustered cylinders for stage-wise heat exchange process in waste-heat-recovery recuperators (WHRR). Nusselt numbers were analyzed while the pressure distributions and flow visualizations were used to interpret the flow and heat transfer phenomenon. The analysis of heat transfer data revealed an improvement in heat transfer ratio of 3.55% by the satellite arrangement over that of cluster of nine single cylinders providing the heat transfer ideally.



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