Heat and Mass Transfer

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Effects of nanoparticles deposition on thermal behaviour of boiling nanofluids

  • Hooman Azimi
  • Zahra BaniamerianEmail author


Recently, nanofluids are employed as the new generation of coolants specifically in boiling-mode cooling systems. In the present study, the convection heat transfer of boiling nanofluids through micro/minichannels is analytically investigated. Effects of nanoparticles deposition on heat transfer and fluid flow behavior of boiling nanofluids are comprehensively discussed. Nanoparticles deposition during flow boiling is found to cause different effects due to corresponding thermal conductivities. The proposed model validation was found to be in a good accordance with the results of previous studies.



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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringTafresh UniversityTafreshIran

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