Logarithmic improvements in \(L^{p}\) bounds for eigenfunctions at the critical exponent in the presence of nonpositive curvature

  • Matthew D. BlairEmail author
  • Christopher D. Sogge


We consider the problem of proving \(L^p\) bounds for eigenfunctions of the Laplacian in the high frequency limit in the presence of nonpositive curvature and more generally, manifolds without conjugate points. In particular, we prove estimates at the “critical exponent” \(p_c = \frac{2(d+1)}{d-1}\), where a spectrum of scenarios for phase space concentration must be ruled out. Our work establishes a gain of an inverse power of the logarithm of the frequency in the bounds relative to the classical \(L^p\) bounds of the second author.



The authors are grateful to the anonymous referee for numerous comments which improved the exposition in this work.


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