Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 369, Issue 2, pp 811–836 | Cite as

A Geometric Construction of Solutions to 11D Supergravity

  • Teng FeiEmail author
  • Bin Guo
  • Duong H. Phong


Necessary and sufficient conditions are provided for a class of warped product manifolds with non-vanishing flux to be supersymmetric solutions of 11D supergravity. Many non-compact, but complete solutions can be obtained in this manner, including the multi-membrane solution initially found by Duff and Stelle. In a different direction, an explicit 5-parameter moduli space of solutions to 11D supergravity is also constructed which can be viewed as non-supersymmetric deformations of the Duff–Stelle solution.


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We would like to thank David Andriot, Michael Duff, and Daniël Prins for bringing some important references to our attention. We also thank the anonymous referees for making the exposition more readable.


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