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Correction to: On the Quasi-Linear Elliptic PDE \({-\nabla\cdot({\nabla}{u}/ \sqrt{1-|{\nabla}{u}|^2}) = 4\pi\sum_k a_k \delta_{s_k}}\) in Physics and Geometry

  • Michael K.-H. KiesslingEmail author



My sincere thanks go to Denis Bonheure for raising his criticism of [1]. I am also very grateful to the referees for their critical comments which helped me to improve this erratum. I also thank Sagun Chanillo, Markus Kunze, and Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh for their helpful comments.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsRutgers, The State University of New JerseyPiscatawayUSA

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