Electrochemical DNA biosensors for label-free breast cancer gene marker detection

  • Mehmet SenelEmail author
  • Muamer Dervisevic
  • Firdevs Kokkokoğlu
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We present an electrochemical DNA detection strategy based on self-assembled ferrocene-cored poly(amidoamine) dendrimers for the detection of a gene relevant to breast cancer. The chemisorption of three ferrocene-cored poly(amidoamine) generations and hybridization of single-stranded DNA on a Au electrode were studied by cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry. The biosensor demonstrated high sensitivity of 0.13 μA/(ng/ml) in the detection of the target DNA with a linear range of 1.3–20 nM and a detection limit of 0.38 nM. The DNA biosensor also has high selectivity for the target DNA, showing a clear signal difference from a noncomplementary sequence and a single-base-mismatch sequence, which was used as a model of BRAC1 gene mutation. The results shown are highly motivating for exploring DNA biosensing technology in the diagnosis of breast cancer caused by mutation of the BRAC1 gene.

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Electrochemical DNA biosensor Ferrocene Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimer Breast cancer 



Some of this work was performed at the former Fatih University as a part of the work presented in FK’s master thesis.

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  • Muamer Dervisevic
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  • Firdevs Kokkokoğlu
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  1. 1.SANKARA Brain & Biotechnology Research CenterNanoyasam Nanobiotechnology CompanyIstanbulTurkey
  2. 2.Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesMonash UniversityParkvilleAustralia
  3. 3.KrakówPoland

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