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Hölder estimates for homotopy operators on strictly pseudoconvex domains with \(C^2\) boundary

  • Xianghong GongEmail author


We derive a new homotopy formula for a strictly pseudoconvex domain of \(C^2\) boundary in \({\mathbf C}^n\) by using a method of Lieb and Range and obtain estimates in Lipschitz spaces for the homotopy operators. For \(r>1\) and \(q>0\), we obtain a \(\Lambda _{r+{1}/{2}}\) solution u to \(\overline{\partial }u=f\) for a \(\overline{\partial }\)-closed (0, q)-form f of class \(\Lambda _{r}\) in the domain. We apply the estimates to obtain boundary regularities of \(\mathcal D\)-solutions for a domain in \(\mathbf{C}^n\times \mathbf{R}^m\).


Mathematics Subject Classification

32A06 32T15 32W05 



The author is grateful to Andreas Seeger for helpful discussions on the real interpolation theory. The author would like to thank the referee for pointing out the precise references on the \(C^{1/2}\) estimates in the literature.


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