Removing Type II Singularities Off the Axis for the Three Dimensional Axisymmetric Euler Equations

  • Dongho ChaeEmail author
  • Jörg Wolf


In this paper we obtain new local blow-up criterion for smooth axisymmetric solutions to the three dimensional incompressible Euler equation. If the vorticity satisfies \( \int \nolimits _{0}^{t_*} (t_*-t) \Vert \omega (t)\Vert _{ L^\infty (B(x_{ *}, R_0))}\,{\hbox {d}}t <+\infty \) for a ball \(B(x_{ *}, R_0)\) away from the axis of symmetry, then there exists no singularity at \(t=t_*\) in the torus \(T(x_*, R)\) generated by rotation of the ball \(B(x_{ *}, R_0)\) around the axis. This implies that possible singularity at \(t=t_*\) in the torus \(T(x_*, R)\) is excluded if the vorticity satisfies the blow-up rate \( \Vert \omega (t)\Vert _{L^\infty (T(x_*, R))}= O\left( \frac{1}{(t_*-t)^\gamma }\right) \) as \(t\rightarrow t_*\), where \(\gamma <2\), and the torus \(T(x_*, R)\) does not touch the axis.



Chae was partially supported by NRF Grants 2016R1A2B3011647, while Wolf was supported by NRF Grants 2017R1E1A1A01074536.

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