On division polynomial PIT and supersingularity

  • Javad DoliskaniEmail author
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For an elliptic curve E over a finite field \(\mathbb {F}_q\), where q is a prime power, we propose new algorithms for testing the supersingularity of E. Our algorithms are based on the polynomial identity testing problem for the p-th division polynomial of E. In particular, an efficient algorithm using points of high order on E is given.


Division polynomials Polynomial identity testing Elliptic curves 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 11Y16 14H52 Secondary 12Y05 



The author would like to thank Felipe Voloch for his valuable feedback on Sect. 4, and Luca De Feo for helpful comments. This work was partially supported by NSERC, CryptoWorks21, and Public Works and Government Services Canada.


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