In memoriam Bezalel Peleg (1936–2019)


In the final stage of closing this issue, Bezalel Peleg (1936) passed away on May 9, 2019. Bezalel Peleg, the first Ph.D. student of Robert J. Aumann, was a member of the small group of founders and leaders of game theory. His footprints, in the form of 3 books and over 130 articles, are clear and visible in the major topics of cooperative and noncooperative game theory, as well as their applications to political science, law, biology, and more. The scope of his work ranged from stable sets to bee pollination. A detailed overview of Bezalel Peleg’s contributions to game theory (till 2012) are available in the special issue of the IJGT in his honor (Vol. 41 #4, 2012).

Among his other contributions to game theory, Bezalel Peleg was a prominent researcher in social choice theory, where he played an exceptional leading role. In the pessimistic mood following Arrow’s impossibility theorem, and against the tide of negative results and more and more general impossibility theorems, Bezalel Peleg insisted on developing positive and constructive results, relevant to practical social choice issues and to democratic constitutions.

I was fortunate to collaborate with Bezalel over the past few years and join the club of his 45 coauthors. I will miss him not only as a colleague and coauthor but primarily as a pleasant and extremely modest friend. I am sure that he will be missed not only by his coauthors and personal friends, but by the whole game theory community, who have just lost a distinguished member.

Shmuel Zamir


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