Experimental vibratory analysis of a fan motor in industrial environment

  • Tarek KebabsaEmail author
  • Nouredine Ouelaa
  • Abderrazek Djebala


In this study, we present an application on the use of spectral analysis as aid to diagnosis and decision-making before a failure occurs due to a bad monitoring. The work is done on a strategic machine of a largest industrial company. This paper proposes the use of a new indicator that leads viewing the status of the machine before making an intervention and then exploiting the results as a handy reference. These values show the true state of the machine in terms of vibration diagnosis. The application of these decision-making references to a fan motor and its inclusion in the scorecard maintenance avoids unnecessary repairs caused by random decisions. The objective is to increase the life of the equipment and reduce the cost of production, resulting in the improvement of parameters such as the average level of functioning in an e-maintenance system. The comparison of the machine reliability before detecting the anomaly and the machine reliability after the proposal to use the new indicator and the intervention of the maintenance shows a best amelioration.


Spectral analysis Fault diagnosis NG measured and calculated NG average Conditional preventive maintenance Fan motor 


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  • Tarek Kebabsa
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  • Nouredine Ouelaa
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  • Abderrazek Djebala
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