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Compound efficient and powerful milling machine tool of blisk


In present, five-axis numerical control (NC) machining center is used to process blisk, and the technology of plunge-milling and side-milling are widely adopted, which results in lower processing efficiency and high total cost. In the present study, first, a new machining technology of blisk is put forward, which is known as multi-milling, namely, disc-milling is used to remove the large margin of blisk’s channel, plunge-milling can expand the size of groove, further forming the surface of channel, and the corner and angle of the channel can be eliminated by side-milling. Second, with one-stage fan blisk of a certain type aircraft engine as an example, the processing efficiency of three different technologies (multi-milling, plunge-milling+side-milling, and side-milling) are studied by means of UG (Unigraphics NX) software. Third, based on the technology of multi-milling, the specific structure of multi-milling machine tool is designed. Last, the verification test is conducted, test results show that the processing efficiency of blisk can be enhanced drastically, finish cost can be reduced greatly with the multi-milling machine tool, which can give a great push to the development of aviation industry.

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This work was supported by the Project Funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation; the National Numerical Control Major Projects Foundation of China (Grant No. 2013ZX04001081).

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Correspondence to Hongmin Xin.

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  • Blisk
  • Multi-milling machine tool
  • Disc-milling
  • Plunge-milling
  • Side-milling