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Experimental study and theoretical analysis of the form grinding of gears using new type micro-crystal corundum grinding wheels

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The purpose of the research is to study the form grinding processes and properties of self-developed, new micro-crystal corundum grinding wheels. Aiming at this, this study conducted experimental research and theoretical analysis to form grinding 20CrMnTi steel tooth surfaces by using micro-crystal grinding wheels. The theoretical models and formulae for grinding forces of the form grinding of involute gears were constructed which were able to demonstrate actual experimental situations and show a better theoretical basis and applicability. This research also deduced the relationships between the grinding parameters and the roughness of tooth surfaces, grinding temperature, and grind-hardening burns, which provided constraints for optimally selecting grinding parameters in subsequent work. Furthermore, this study also established the relationship between the tangential grinding forces and the grinding temperature and grind-hardening burns, offering an important reference for the prediction of grinding temperature and avoiding tooth burning through on-line detection of the tangential grinding forces. In addition, this study also described the relationships between the grinding forces and the temperature and roughness of the tooth surfaces with grinding speed, and the radial feed and axial feed rates.

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  • Form grinding
  • Micro-crystal corundum grinding wheels
  • Gears
  • Grinding processes
  • Grinding properties