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Multi-sensor process analysis and performance characterisation in CNC turning—a cyber physical system approach


High accuracy manufacturing requires the utilisation of advanced signal processing and analytics to monitor, manage, and control production processes. These systems vary in size, scope, and complexity and have traditionally required the skill of multi-disciplinary individuals, for end-to-end application. Current research trends in digital manufacturing aim to remove this complexity through interoperability solutions encapsulated in cyber physical systems. These systems provide a platform for real-time heterogeneous data acquisition, analysis, and distribution. The focus of this research is to demonstrate the application of a cyber physical process monitoring system within an industrial case study. Specifically, a multi-scalable signal processing and analytic system is developed, for both user-driven and semi-autonomous production decision support in CNC turning machining.

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  • Process and condition monitoring
  • Cyber physical systems
  • Decision support
  • CNC turning