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Numerical modeling and simulation of water cooling-controlled solidification for aluminum alloy investment casting

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Fine and uniform microstructures are essential for investment casting. In this study, water cooling-controlled solidification for aluminum alloy investment casting was investigated. Sound casting plates without shrinkage porosity were developed. Water cooling-controlled solidification was simulated with ProCAST by adding a user function. As an important parameter in determining mechanical properties, secondary dendrite arm spacing (SDAS) was simulated and measured under an optical microscope. Results show that SDAS significantly decreased during water cooling-controlled solidification casting. SDAS was less sensitive to wall thickness because of a high cooling rate. Fine fibrous eutectic silicon morphologies were obtained after modification. Sound cast with fine and uniform microstructures can be obtained with water cooling-controlled solidification casting.

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  • Investment casting
  • SDAS
  • Water cooling-controlled solidification
  • ZL114A
  • Numerical simulation