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A generalized online estimation algorithm of multi-axis contouring errors for CNC machine tools with rotary axes

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High-accuracy contouring error estimation is the premise of effective contouring error control. However, two key factors make it complex to estimate contouring error for multi-axis machines with rotary axes: the nonlinear kinematics and the synchronization requirement of the tool tip position and tool orientation. This paper proposes a generalized online estimation algorithm of multi-axis contouring errors for CNC machine tools with rotary axes. The nearest reference tool pose to the actual one is searched at first, and then the corresponding contouring error components on each axis are estimated by using linear ratio estimation, where the tool tip position and tool orientation are naturally synchronized to one same pose on the desired trajectory. The advantage of the proposed contouring error estimation algorithm is that only the interpolated reference poses and drive commands are needed in the calculation, which increases the generality of the algorithm to different trajectory types and machine topologies. On the other hand, the calculation load is reduced when compared with existing iterative multi-axis contouring error estimation approaches. Simulation results on both five- and four-axis machines show that the proposed contouring error estimation algorithm can estimate axis components of contouring errors with high accuracy. Experiment results on an in-house developed five-axis experiment platform verify the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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