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Blob analyzation-based template matching algorithm for LED chip localization


During the testing and sorting of LED chips, traditional methods do not exclude the polycrystalline and fragmentary LED chips from the normal chips well. The purpose of this paper is to propose a new algorithm to solve this problem. The algorithm consists of three steps. Firstly, present a simple but efficient image segmentation method to get blobs. Secondly, analyze the blobs to exclude abnormal blobs and predict the pose (position and orientation) of the potential object based on the pose of the minimum enclosing rectangle (MER) of each remained blob. Finally, according to the predicted poses, locate the LED chips precisely in the originally captured image based on gradient orientation features. Experiments show that the algorithm is not only robust to illumination variation but also can locate the LED chips and exclude the polycrystalline and fragmentary chips efficiently.

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  • Blob
  • Gradient orientation
  • Image segmentation
  • Minimum enclosing rectangle