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Simulation and detection of flaws in pre-cured CFRP using laser displacement sensing


The novelty of the research is the detection of different types of flaws in the prepreg carbon fibre-reinforced fibres (CFRP) layup compared to in cured products. This paper presents the development of a new method for in situ detection of prepreg CFRP production flaws combining laser displacement sensors and analytical modelling. Experimental results are used to validate the results from the models. The pre-cured flaws are simulated to determine the needed specifications of the measurement system. In static and dynamic experiments, the typical production flaws are detected to demonstrate the use of laser displacement sensing as a preventative non-destructive evaluation (NDE) system. During the production of CFRP materials, flaws can be introduced due to the process of layup or curing. Once a production flaw is embedded and cured in the CFRP laminate, the damage is irreversible and it is expensive to rework or remanufacture the product. Laser displacement sensing is currently used in a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing and is successfully assessed in this research as a preventative NDE system.


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  • Laser displacement sensing
  • Preventative NDE
  • CFRP
  • Layup process