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Determining issues in optimal turning of micro-structured functional surfaces

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Micro-structured surfaces have received ever-increasing requirements in various fields, including optical systems, biological engineering, measurement system, and so on. Fast tool servo (FTS)-assisted ultra-precision diamond turning technique has been extensively regarded to be a very promising technology for the fabrication of the micro-structured functional surfaces with high efficiency and high surface quality. In this paper, the machining flowchart is thoroughly introduced; the key cutting parameters including tool geometry, diamond turning machine (DTM) slide carriage feedrate, and spindle speed are carefully investigated and determined to obtain optimal cutting performances during machining processes. Additionally, a novel toolpath generation method is proposed to minimize the volume of the toolpath data. Comparing with current method, the data volume generated by the new method can be significantly decreased by several times. Finally, the efficiency of the proposed cutting parameter determination method and the new toolpath generation method are verified by fabricating a typical sinusoidal grid surface.

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  • Micro-structured surfaces
  • Fast tool servo
  • Cutting parameters
  • Toolpath generation
  • Diamond turning