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Methodological tools for assessing the sustainability index (SI) of industrial production processes

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This paper presents a methodological tool to measure the sustainability index (SI) of industrial products and processes based on process variables, and denominated individual metrics in pairs and impacts on the technological, environmental, social and economic aspects, which are the pillars of sustainable manufacturing. The methodological assessment tool includes data normalization processes, evaluation by score importance according to elicited knowledge of researchers and experts about the subject, and aggregation of variables based on the sustainability aspect it belongs. Data normalization is applied to convert physical data measured in specific dimensionless scores for each variable. To prove the effectiveness of the methodological tool, a case study of a metal-mechanical industry that uses cutting fluid is presented and the effectiveness of this fluid is compared with the technique of applying cutting fluid flood regarding minimum quantity lubricant (MQL).

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  • Cutting fluids
  • Jatropha curcas
  • Minimum quantity lubricant (MQL)
  • Sustainability index
  • Sustainable manufacturing