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A web-based 3D modeling framework for a runner-gate design


A distributed collaborative engineering has been increased in various types of industries. As a consequence, many CAD application developers have improved web-based designing systems. However, the web applications cannot modify and create 3D data but only visualize a 3D model. This paper describes a web-based collaborative framework for a runner-gate design; it includes an interactive 3D runner-gate designing module, converting module, real-time communication module, etc. The design process involves numbers of steps such as uploading 3D model data file to the STL-converting server, designing guidelines of runner-gate on the web browser, and an automatically generating runner-gate system through server side application programming interface (API). This paper concludes solutions on issues raised by research and development process of the suggested framework.

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  • Knowledge-based design
  • Distributed environment
  • Runner-gate design
  • WebGL