Process performance of micro-EDM drilling of stainless steel

  • G. D’UrsoEmail author
  • G. Maccarini
  • C. Ravasio


An experimental campaign based on the execution of through micro-holes on stainless steel plates was carried out using a micro-EDM machine Sarix SX-200. The experimental campaign was carried out by varying several process parameters, namely peak current, voltage and frequency. Tubular electrodes made of two different materials (tungsten carbide and brass) were used. A study of the in progress material removal rate (MRR) and tool wear ratio (TWR) during the drilling process was performed. Some mathematical laws governing the relation between process parameters and performance indexes were defined. Two technological windows representing TWR and MRR as a function of the hole depth, for different electrode materials, were obtained.


Micro-EDM Micro-drilling Tool wear ratio Material removal rate Process performance 


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