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Milling contour error control using multilevel fuzzy controller


Machining contour error plays important roles in product quality. This paper presents an implementation of multilevel fuzzy controller in controlling contour errors while maintaining the desired feed rate of milling processes. The orthogonal global task frame was used to transform the tool positions from the Cartesian coordinate system to the curvilinear coordinate system. Contour error and tracking lag error calculated from the curvilinear coordinate system were used by the multilevel fuzzy controller to drive the machining axis on the Mazak VQC-15/40 vertical machining center. The contour error of the machined work piece measured by the coordinate measuring machine showed that the contour error were significantly reduced and the feed rate were regulated at the desired speed.

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  • Contouring error
  • Computer control
  • Machining error
  • Fuzzy adaptive control