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Simultaneous optimisation of multiple performance characteristics in micro-EDM drilling of titanium alloy


Micro-electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM) has become a widely accepted non-traditional material removal process for machining conductive and difficult-to-cut materials effectively and economically. Being a difficult-to-cut material, titanium alloy suffers poor machinability for most cutting processes, especially the drilling of micro-holes using traditional machining methods. Although EDM is suitable for machining titanium alloys, selection of machining parameters for higher machining rate and accuracy is a challenging task in machining micro-holes. In this study, an attempt has been made for simultaneous optimization of the process performances like, metal removal rate, tool wear rate and overcut based on Taguchi methodology. Thus, the optimal micro-EDM process parameter settings have been found out for a set of desired performances. The process parameters considered in the study were pulse-on time, frequency, voltage and current while tungsten carbide electrode was used as a tool. Verification experiments have been carried out and the results have been provided to illustrate the effectiveness of this approach.

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  • Micro-EDM
  • Micro-hole
  • Simultaneous optimisation
  • Taguchi method