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Multi-objective economic statistical design of X-bar control chart considering Taguchi loss function

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Shewhart charts are the most popular control charts that can be used to monitor variable quality characteristics in a production process. In this paper, a multi-objective model of the economic statistical design of the X-bar control chart is first proposed by incorporating the Taguchi loss function and the intangible external costs. The model minimizes the mean hourly loss cost while minimizing out-of-control average run length and maintaining reasonable in-control average run length. A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm, namely NSGA-II, is then developed and used to obtain the Pareto optimal solution of the model. Some sensitivity analyses are next performed to investigate the effect of parameter estimation on the chart performances. Finally, a comparison study with a traditional economic design model reveals that the proposed multiple objective design of the X-bar control chart offers a better approach and more practical outcomes for the practitioners.

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  • Control chart
  • Taguchi loss function
  • Multi-objective economic statistical design
  • Average total loss (ATL)
  • NSGA-II algorithm