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Performance analysis of EDM electrode fabricated by localized electrochemical deposition for micro-machining of stainless steel

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Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is an important and widely used process for the fabrication of complex three-dimensional structure of micro-tools, micro-components, and parts with micro-feature. It allows high precision, low setup cost, large freedom of design, and good surface quality. However, in order to produce different varieties of high-accuracy structures on machine, microelectrode fabrication is necessary so as to reduce the clamping error which is one of the biggest challenges in the field of micro-EDM. In this study, it has been shown that localized electrochemical deposition (LECD) is one of the simplest, inexpensive, and damage-free ways to fabricate complex-shaped electrodes for micro-EDM compared to other conventional electrode fabrication processes. In this study, electrode was fabricated with the help of a non-conductive mask which was placed between the anode and the cathode where the cathode was placed above the anode and mask and the system was immersed in a plating solution of acidified copper sulfate. The micro-EDM was carried out by the deposited electrode without changing or removing its orientation. The performance of LECD electrode was evaluated in this study by micro-holes fabrication on high melting point material such as stainless steel in terms of the material removal rate, tool relative wear ratio, and dimensional accuracy. Finally, the performance of the LECD electrode was also evaluated by a comparative study with a circular EDM electrode for fabrication of complex three-dimensional structure.

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  • Localized electrochemical deposition
  • Micro-EDM
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