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A two-level distribution inventory system with stochastic lead time at the lower echelon

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We consider a two-level distribution inventory system with a number of identical retailers at the lower echelon and a single supplier at the upper echelon. The replenishment policy is continuous review policy (R, Q) at all installations. We assume independent Poisson demands with stochastic lead time for the retailers and a constant transportation time for replenishing supplier orders from an external warehouse. Unsatisfied demands are assumed to be lost in the retailers and unsatisfied retailer orders are backordered in the supplier. We develop an approximate cost function to find optimal reorder points for given batch sizes in all installations, and the related accuracy is assessed through simulation. We present numerical examples for the gamma distributed lead time for the retailers orders at the supplier.

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  • Multi-echelon
  • Stochastic lead time
  • Poisson demand
  • Continuous review policy