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Modeling and analysis for a kind of flexible manufacturing system involving time factors

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Time control and management are important in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). The time to finish the machining unit is uncertain because of the uncertainties of the workpieces, so the whole time to finish the FMS is also variable. In order to reduce the time to finish for the whole FMS to improve efficiency, the modeling and analysis method for this timing kind of FMS based on standard Petri net is proposed. The modeling method is a mapping from the machining units to the component of a Petri net, and the timing factors are represented by a timing function on the place set. With the Petri net model obtained and its reachability graph, the timing factors influencing the implementation of the FMS are analysed and presented. In addition, the method is obtained to find the best state line for the implementation of the FMS.

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This project is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No60274063) and Shandong Excellent Scientist Award Foundation (No. 02BS069).

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Correspondence to Qingliang Zeng.

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  • Flexible manufacturing system
  • Machining unit
  • Petri net
  • Reachability graph
  • The best state line of FMS