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A fast triangulation algorithm for 3D reconstruction from planar contours

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Aiming at the reconstruction of medical images, a fast triangulation algorithm from planar contours (FTA) is proposed in this paper. In FTA, the judgment of the similarity of counters is carried out at first. Then a traditional global optimisation method is applied to triangulating dissimilar counters. A simple local optimisation method is also applied on areas enveloped by line sections of similar counters. Through theoretical analysis and experience, the visual effect of FTA becomes approximately similar to traditional global optimisation methods and its calculating speed is much improved simultaneously. FTA was also applied to a stereo tactical radiation therapy planning system for a gamma knife (SRTPS) developed by the authors.

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Huang, Y., Duan, Z., Zhu, G. et al. A fast triangulation algorithm for 3D reconstruction from planar contours. Int J Adv Manuf Technol 24, 98–101 (2004). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00170-003-1772-1

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  • 3D reconstruction
  • Fast triangulation
  • Judgment of similarity
  • Shortest distance method