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An innovative compression-clamp for open contaminated fractures of patella: a short report of five cases

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Five patients with open contaminated fractures of the patella were managed using an indigenously designed external clamp cum compressor. All had an infected lacerated wound at the fracture site, and one had open exposed knee joint (Gustilo grade IIIB open fracture). These patients reported after 3–7 days of injury. The wounds were thoroughly washed and débrided and the clamp cum compressor was applied. They were encouraged to do active knee movements immediately post-operatively. The wounds healed within 3–4 weeks, and the fractures united within 10–16 weeks. Good functional results were achieved in four of the five.

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The authors acknowledge the help provided by Mr. Mahender Singh of our Orthopaedic Workshop in producing the devise. We thank Dr. Pooja Gulati for preparing the manuscript.

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Correspondence to K. M. Marya.

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Kundu, Z.S., Sangwan, S.S., Marya, K.M. et al. An innovative compression-clamp for open contaminated fractures of patella: a short report of five cases. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 11, 145–148 (2003).

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