Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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Asymptotic derivation of nonlocal plate models from three-dimensional stress gradient elasticity

  • F. Hache
  • N. ChallamelEmail author
  • I. Elishakoff
Original Article


This paper deals with the asymptotic derivation of thin and thick nonlocal plate models at different orders from three-dimensional stress gradient elasticity, through the power series expansions of the displacements in the thickness ratio of the plate. Three nonlocal asymptotic approaches are considered: a partial nonlocality following the thickness of the plate, a partial nonlocality following the two directions of the plates and a full nonlocality (following all the directions). The three asymptotic approaches lead at the zeroth order to a nonlocal Kirchhoff–Love plate model, but differ in the expression of the length scale. The nonlocal asymptotic models coincide at this order with the stress gradient Kirchhoff–Love plate model, only when the nonlocality is following the two directions of the plate and expressed through a nabla operator. This asymptotic model also yields the nonlocal truncated Uflyand–Mindlin plate model at the second order. However, the two other asymptotic models lead to equations that differ from the current existing nonlocal engineering models (stress gradient engineering plate models). The natural frequencies for an all-edges simply supported plate are obtained for each model. It shows that the models provide similar results for low orders of frequencies or small thickness ratio or nonlocal lengths. Moreover, only the asymptotic model with a partial nonlocality following the two directions of the plates is consistent with a stress gradient plate model, whatever the geometry of the plate.


Kirchhoff–Love Uflyand–Mindlin Asymptotic derivation Nonlocal theories 


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